Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This Is the Post That Loses Some Readers

 Let me  start off by saying this; People may have similar goals for vastly disimilar reasons. People can cooperate  towards an end even when the  accomplishment or  implementation of that end may divide them.  Great things can be accomplished by people who don't see eye to eye on everything.
   I also need to put out there that as a Christian, and a self-proclaimed  libertarian, I  feel sometimes that I tread between two camps.  I wrote a book about the 2012 Ron Paul campaign, and for that, on occassion some Christians have told me that I  have become unnecessarily conerned and entangled with the affairs of this world. That's one side of the aisle. On the other side of the aisle are people who are politically interested and have been very kind regarding my politcial cartoons and my writings, but have  little interest in my Saviour. Those people want to know why I'm always blathering on about the Bible.
  I am in favor of polital liberty and economic liberty, but real liberty is only available through the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, and his death on the cross. A man in a Soviet gulag who knows Jesus is freer than any American who doesn't. So many in the liberty movement care nothing about the liberty of the soul, and so many Christians care little about politics or economics other than to reassure themselves that the GOP has their best interests at heart. Once again, I feel I walk between two camps.

Several years back when I was still doing a great deal of self-examination as to what I believed and why, I began writing some pieces for a libertarian website. The pieces were very well received, but when my Biblical worldview began to reveal itself, I was ostracized by the other contributors. That particular group saw allegiance to anything higher than themselves as a type of self-imposed tyranny. When Jerry Falwell passed away this group rejoiced, calling him a 'statist'. I warned them that, though Falwell and I had vast differences of opinion, evangelical Christians were not the ideological enemy. I said that the liberty position could be explained. It's a reasonable position for reasonable people, but if evangelicals felt that the liberty movement was hostile towards them, then the larger message is lost and the establishment GOP wins. I stand by that sentiment, and point to Ron Paul's success among church folks as proof that the two camps aren't as far apart as some would have you believe.

People support liberty for a variety of reasons, some intensly personal, which is exactly the sort of thing you would expect from a group of individuals. We don't need to agree on the reasons to agree on the goal. I am commanded by scripture to preach the gospel and one of my reasons for supporting liberty is that a free society provides the optimum environment to do just that. Were I a subject in North Korea and a Christian, I would be under the same commandment, but with much less liberty to accomplish it. I therefore strive for a politcal climate that affords me the least state intrusion, and occassionally lend my writing talents or my drawing talents to that end. If that makes me a compromiser to one group, and a Bible thumper to the other group, well I suppose that's just too bad.

I am free after all, aren't I?

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