Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dear Officer

   Recently one of my favorite people posted this on social media.

   Now this person means well, and I'm pretty sure this didn't originate with them, but I feel a response to this is necessary. So, for your consideration, my own version of 'Dear Officer'

Dear Officer,

  I want you to know that I see you.  I see you driving around on your cell phone in between bouts of pulling people over for talking on their cell phones. I see you  harassing men for preaching the gospel in public. I see you at traffic stops, not because the driver has  actually done committed a crime, but because your real job is to bring in money for the  state via ticket-writing.  I see you arresting people for filming you while doing your job. I see you drive past the man stuck in the ditch so that you can  bother the man going  2 miles over the  completely made-up speed limit.  I see you drive past the man walking down the side of the road whose car has broken down so that you can get to  the donut shop.  I see you, and your bosses,  dispatching a SWAT team to serve a warrant. I see you serving as a crime scene historian,  dutifully taking notes after the crime has occurred and, unless a lead falls out of the sky and lands in your lap, going no further. I also see that no amount of money or manpower is too much if another officer  has been wronged. I see you executing  no-knock warrants to the  wrong house and killing the inhabitants. I see you  killing unarmed men because you felt 'threatened'.  I see you lording your status over the populace, and glorying in the hero worship. I see that if you  kill a man while on the job, you keep your job and are given several days to get your story straight before you are questioned.  I see your fellow officers lie for you, and cover for you. I see that you aren't a 'peace officer' but rather in 'law enforcement', which is a totally  different mindset.  I see you armed with para-military gear. I see you deploying tear gas against the people you've sworn to protect. I see you arresting  people for possession of  a plant. I see the 'us versus them' mentality in your eyes. I see that you are flesh and bones like me, that your  uniform shouldn't give you less accountability, but yet it does.

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