Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Willing Nobody

  June will be 20 years for me in the ministry, with the vast bulk of that being in public ministry.  I was going through some  photos and  was amazed at what God has allowed an absolute nobody like me to be a part of.  That is not false modesty, that is an accurate assessment.  Over and over again, my only  qualification for the task has been my willingness to do it.
  Obviously not every event was  photographed, and  perhaps less obviously, some events were  photographed, but I  don't have the pictures.  We 've preached at night, and during the day. We've preached in the heat and preached in the rain. We've preached to the eager and to the hostile.  We've preached on both coasts, several points in between and on three continents.  All in all we have tried, and  mostly failed, to give the Lamb of God the glory that is due His name while pointing  sinners to Calvary.  My name is Michael S. Alford, and I am a worthless worm redeemed by matchless grace.  This is what my ministry looks like.

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