Monday, February 17, 2014

All Aflush

  As I've mentioned previously, I  love old books.   I love the pictures in old books.  A few years back I had what I thought was a pretty solid business idea that never took off.  My wife and I  took  images from  some of the old books in  my collection, and created a line of  stationary items using the images. Some of the images were tweaked a bit by yours truly, and I saw it as a way to pay homage to the great , mostly forgotten artists that had originally created them while   producing some  quality stationary.  The result was Old Paths Press.
  Though the  idea never achieved the success we had hoped, I still love the idea, and so I  am  all a-ga-ga over the  fact that the British Library has  released a seemingly endless number of  scanned images from their book collection.  It is beautiful in a way that only something old can be beautiful.I have been wasting valuable time sitting here gawking at the pictures.  I'm probably going to  fill up a back up hard drive hoarding the pictures because honestly, that's sort of what I do.
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