Saturday, May 30, 2015

Ministry Pictures

  As some of you know, for the last few months we have been going to the  local Salvation Army and preaching while serving food.  It's been a blast for a number of reasons.  Sometimes the nature of public ministry limits who can comfortably participate and I personally have always struggled  for a way to include my family in  our ministry. I mean, my kids love holding scripture signs, but they are kids, and have the attention span of kids.   This open door has enabled our entire family to participate in  serving the food, preaching, and cleaning up. Here are some pictures.
Darnel Robinson preaching

Darnel witnessing  after it quieted down a bit

Darnel and David Brown witnessing one-on-one

Our Salvation Army Minions

Chalk-talk preaching

We preach while they eat

Cleaning tables after hours

Cleaning tables after hours

Mrs Shelia Seremak working the  food line

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