Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Jenner Needs Jesus

It's official.  We, as a society are now rolling down the  hill of ruin at breakneck speed. We've cut the brake lines  ourselves, tossed the steering wheel out the window, and now we are sitting back smiling at each other with no idea even how  far it is to the bottom  of the hill , let alone how bad the crash is going to be.
  Bruce Jenner, a man who was 'the man' when I was a kid, has decided to pretend he is a girl.  In my younger days he was one of that rare fraternity of athletes known as Olympians, now he's just another confused deviant being lionized by people at least as confused as he is.  Our society has  lost its mind, so it makes total sense to the insane to  do a 'glamor-shot-esque' photo shoot of this sad individual where he looks less like the champion athlete I remember and more like an escapee from a red-light bar in Thailand.  Forgive my brusqueness, but I used to be a  sailor.
  My heart goes out to Mr. Jenner.  His  mind is no doubt a tangled, and confused mess, and God is not the author of confusion. The lusts of his flesh and the counsels  of his heart have bubbled to the surface, and the result is indistinguishable from a bout of mental illness. Mr. Jenner is no more a woman than I am Napoleon Bonaparte, and if I claimed to be such, I would expect people to be concerned about my mind.  Children pretend to be people and things they are not, but when a grown man with a wife and children does it, there should be  some concern. He clams to now be free, a claim often made by people who are busy tying themselves up with the cords of their own iniquity.  The story is  almost always the same; a man  who seeks freedom and life and happiness outside of Jesus Christ winds up either  as a parody and mockery or himself or a corpse.  Sometimes both. It's a story as old as Genesis 3, and I feel horrible for Mr. Jenner that  his fall is being reported on and misrepresented by idiots complicit in his demise as a person.  The fact that people in support of his  deviancy are applauded while  fence-sitters and  remarkers of the obvious are attacked speaks volumes.
  Long before Bruce Jenner the Olympian decided to try to pass himself off as 'Caitlyn' , God in his mercy gave His Son to redeem confused, sin-sick men who didn't even understand how much trouble they were in. They  couldn't comprehend that, having rejected the one source of light they  were going to stumble around in darkness.  They didn't understand that they were walking in the vanity of their own minds, and that's a  bad neighborhood to hang out in.  Jesus Christ  went to the cross of Calvary to rescue miserable wretches who might not  have even  known how miserable they really were.  God made the first move to  reconcile rebellious man to himself, and that reconciliation came at the  price of the blood of His Son.
  Bruce Jenner doesn't need another deviant to tell him it's all right. He needs Jesus Christ.  He needs somebody to tell him it's not too late, that God's mercies were fresh anew for him this morning and that Jesus Christ can give him back the sound mind he once had plus the abundant life he  never had.  I cant fix this. You can't fix this. Mr. Jenner can't fix this.  Diane Sawyer and Vanity Fair certainly can't fix this.  But Jesus Christ fixes things like this all day long, and has been doing it since the foundation of the world.  Bruce Jenner needs Jesus Christ, and without Him,  this very public figure will unravel further and further before our very eyes.
  Who's going to go tell him?  And why hasn't anybody told him by now?
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