Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Good Guy Needs Our Help

  Russ Millette, and the procedural abuse he received from the status quo arm of the Alaskan Republican Party was covered in my book SWINDLED.  Russ now has a world-class radio show, Alaska Talks Liberty, and was the first person to interview me after the book came out.  He has been seeking  legal restitution from the ARP and the wheels on that have been grinding slowly.  He is, right now, at a crucial stage in the court proceedings, and sent out an email this morning, which I have reprinted here, with his permission.

Dear Fellow Conservative,
As you know, I was elected chair and Debbie Brown was elected vice-chair of the Alaska Republican Party by a majority vote of our delegates assembled at the Alaska State Republican Convention in April 2012.  This election represented a tremendous shift of values towards the grass roots elements of our party and away from the longstanding autocratic ruling philosophy. 
The previous leadership and the SEC disagreed with the election results and has sought to disenfranchise the delegates by nullifying the election results by having me removed from office on spurious charges, and now Debbie, with the same spurious charges.  On January 31st- just two hours before I was scheduled to commence my term, I was removed on charges by the State Executive Committee (SEC). I was charged with failure to raise money for the ARP and I was then removed from office.  Debbie Brown then advanced to party chair.  Now the establishment is trying to strong arm Debbie in order to remove her from office on April 8th. 
Ever since my election I have been stonewalled by the establishment when I have asked for audited books (as required by ARP rules) or financial documents.
And now I understand that there are no assets in the ARP checking account. This obviously begs the question, “What happened to the ARP money and where did it go?” Money that was donated and cannot be accounted for and the establishment refuses to account for and seemingly does not want any accounting for the monies in question.
The only way to find out how the Party money was spent is to have people subpoenaed and testify under oath and the only way we can do that is to file a lawsuit for the misappropriation of funds by the previous leadership. If I can raise $5,000, Dr. Ron Paul’s Liberty PAC will match up to $5,000 for a total of $10,000.
If you will help me raise the matching $5,000 we can begin this process. As part of the lawsuit we will finally get the people responsible for the misappropriation of party funds under oath. Finally, Randy Ruedrich-Former Chairman, Frank McQueary-Asst Treasurer, Glenn Clary-Treasurer,  Christy Strutz-Office Secretary, and possibly others, will have to tell us where all of that money went.
Will you please contribute what you can today to help me get to the bottom of these questions?  You can contribute electronically via my website at All monies collected will be used exclusively for this legal action. When you contribute on my website please designate for legal fund.
Your timely donation will allow me to have the Attorney’s begin as soon as possible.
Please help me in my goal to get to the bottom of these questions of Fiduciary wrong doing.

Russ Millette
P.S.  Time is of the essence, please contribute today.

In addition to chipping in some of my own money, I am  offering my readers this. If you donate to Russ, and  you tell him that you heard about it through this blog (and he tells me), I will send you a free e-copy of SWINDLED.
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