Friday, April 26, 2013

To Vax or Not to Vax, That is the Question

 It has recently come to my attention that a local pediatrician has made  public their vaccination  policy, committing  their position  to paper.  I don't claim to  know if the stances taken  by the owners of this establishment are the  beliefs of the  employees. I  pondered long and hard before even making this  information available on the Internet, but here we are. In an effort to shield any  innocent  employees from  the actions of any Internet crazies, I have  on purpose modified some of the identifying information.

  My issues with this  policy are so severe that my family is reconsidering our patronage of this clinic.  I resent the  tone, the misleading statements, and the claims that a parent who doubts the Vaccination Industrial Complex must be doing so  out of selfishness or ignorance. Obviously the clinic is a private business and can do whatever they please, but as a consumer so can I.
  Meanwhile, an individual of my acquaintance who has similar views on vaccination combined with a razor-sharp sense of satire  created his  own response, which is way more  biting and insightful than anything I could come up with. I begged for permission to use it, and here it is in all its cleverness.

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