Tuesday, April 30, 2013

People are Crazy, and Not in a Good Way

  You'll have to  forgive my vagueness on the details, but I am neither a sports fan or a celebrity watcher, but as far as I can tell, this is what  happened; an athlete announced to the  world that he is a sexual deviant; a homosexual. Now what this has to do with his profession I haven't the foggiest idea.  There is a tendency among people  with that  deviancy to get their entire life wrapped up in their deviancy; to find their  very identity in the  'cause'. Honestly, my heterosexuality  almost never comes  up in conversation and I've never thought it  needed to be celebrated or applauded.
  Soon after this announcement, another  athletete  put out a statement  claiming confusion as to why  a man would prefer another man with all the  beautiful women in the world. This statement was pounced upon by the media, although its really not that different from a thousand similar statements Ive  heard heterosexual men  make amongst themselves over the years.
  Thirdly, yet another athlete made a statement that he is a Christian, and  homosexuality is not something to be celebrated, but rather  something to be condemned as the sin that is according to Scripture.  On  this, the  media went absolutely berserk, but in a pathetically predictable way. I had the misfortune of having to watch  an afternoon talk show populated by a panel of very 'progressive' and 'open-minded' women who were weighing in on this despite the fact that  it was none of their business and no one had asked them.  One by one, they spouted their open-minded drivel to the   frantic clapping of their empty-headed audience. Each one  seemed to try to outdo the one before her in how open-minded  she could be, and although they expressed their opinions, it was all the exact same opinion. There was no deviation from the party line. Sodomite  good, Christian bad, straight down the line.
 One of these women, a grammatically challenged  lady who reminds me of Mr. Ed, misquoted a Bible verse to prove her point and then said that the  Christian athlete "he sin every day". That may be true, I'm not familiar with his personal life, but I am willing to bet that when he does, he does not expect to be congratulated, celebrated, patted on the back or made into a hero for it.  Only deviants expect that, and  only fools comply.
  But this is a  free country, mostly, and these  women have the right to their opinion, but isn't it interesting that they all knew, despite their diverse backgrounds, EXACTLY what they were expected to say.  They didn't even have to  think about it.  None of them dare say 'Well the Christian guy may have a point, why are we applauding this? Is it really 'bravery' to air your faults like this?'.  You take a stand like that, you step outside the groupthink parameters, outside of the  3x5 card of accepted opinion ( thank you, Tom Woods) and you become a pariah,an outcast. You become one of Them. You won't get your   hefty contract for your show,  sponsors will drop you,  you won't be invited to  all the cool parties.  Really its just  high school on a much grander scale. You are either one of the cool kids ( and the  cool kids decide  whether or not you are) or you're a  Them.
  Well call me a Them, but I think I'll just stick with the Book. It's done right by me so far.
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