Monday, April 1, 2013

What do You Think?

  There appears to be a handful of people reading this, and for that I am grateful. It is those people whose opinion I now solicit. Though the vast majority of my ministry is out in publick, and is not recorded, I will, on occasion conduct a regular preaching service either at my home church or somewhere else, and the   preaching is recorded. I have been pondering putting the audio of this preaching up on Youtube or some similar venue, for the purpose of the edification of the body of Christ. My position has always been that God gives a message with the intent that it be distributed, and I don’t ‘own’ my preaching (no copyrights), or any such nonsense. In fact, if someone gets a blessing out of it, and wants to repreach it somewhere else, they owe me nothing, not even any notice that they did such a thing.  Having said all that, I’m still a little self-conscious and it still feels a little self-serving although I know plenty of people who do it and even use the financial proceeds from selling  their preaching to further the work of the ministry.
  If I do this,  it would be  just the audio, though I  imagine I’d have to throw in some pictures or something since it’s Youtube. So what do you think, gentle reader? Is this  shameless self-promotion or am I making much ado about nothing?
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